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A Sunny Senior Session in Madison, Mississippi

April 10, 2024


A Sunny Senior Session in Madison, Mississippi | Mississippi Senior Photographer

I love senior photography so much! It was such a privilege to capture this stand out session for Natalie! She is a beautiful person inside & out, & the images captured are a perfect reflection of that! Natalie Pace is a member of my class of 2024 senior rep team & she has been such a joy to work with throughout the year! As she explores her future in musical theatre with auditions across the country, I had the joy of capturing her senior session on a sunny and vibrant day around the picturesque town of Livingston, Mississippi!

A Session as Sunny and Bright as Her Personality

Our session mirrored Natalie’s personality perfectly: sunny and beautiful. Livingston provided us with a lush, green backdrop dotted with pretty white flowers, setting a scene that felt almost as if it were curated just for Natalie.

Exploring the Path to Musical Theatre

Natalie’s passion for musical theatre is evident not only in her radiant smile but also in her dedication to pursuing it as a career. She’s currently auditioning at schools across the country, showcasing her talent and taking the first steps toward her dreams. It’s inspiring to see her be so committed to her art, and it was an honor to capture this pivotal moment in her life.

Capturing Memories on 35mm Film

Adding to the uniqueness of Natalie’s senior session, I had the opportunity to capture some of her photos on 35mm film. This choice brought a fun and vintage flair to her images, offering a distinct look that complements her vibrant personality. Film photography has a way of capturing the essence of a moment in a timeless manner, and Natalie’s film shots are no exception.

Around the Town of Livingston

Our photo session took us around the charming town of Livingston, where every corner seemed to offer the perfect photo opportunity. From quaint streets to natural landscapes, the variety of settings allowed us to create a senior photo album that’s as diverse and dynamic as Natalie herself. The town’s scenery provided not just a backdrop but a narrative framework that added depth to each image.

A Bright Future Ahead

I am so excited for Natalie as she plans for her future after high school! It’s a privilege to capture this season of her life! I’m so thankful to have her be a part of my senior team!

Natalie Pace’s senior session was a reminder to me of why I love my job so much! It’s such a joy to capture these huge milestones for my seniors!

For those in the Class of 2024 or beyond, considering how you want to remember your senior year, I’d love to help bring your vision to life. Let’s create a senior session that reflects your personality, achievements, and dreams! Reach out to me, and let’s start planning your unforgettable senior photography experience in Mississippi!

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And here are some photographs captured on 35mm film…