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Oxford Mississippi Engagements

April 9, 2024


Oxford Mississippi Engagements | Mississippi Wedding Photographer

In the heart of Mississippi, Oxford is a perfect location for capturing love stories, and my recent engagement session with Kyle Khan and Aubrey Sullivan was no exception. As we anticipate their upcoming September wedding at the stunning Bridlewood of Madison, I’m thrilled to share the magic of their engagement session that took us through the charming streets of Oxford, inside the eclectic Graduate Hotel, and onto the historic grounds of Rowan Oak.

A Day to Remember in Oxford

Our journey began on the iconic square in Oxford, a location that boasts both the vibrancy of the town and its rich history. The square’s picturesque setting was the perfect backdrop for Kyle and Aubrey’s love, illuminating their connection with every photo. Their easygoing nature and profound bond made capturing their love story not just an assignment, but a joy.

Unique Stops Along the Way

Seeking to encapsulate Kyle and Aubrey’s unique personalities and shared interests, we ventured into some of Oxford’s most distinctive spots. From a cozy bar filled with ambiance to a quaint bookstore, each location added a layer of intimacy and uniqueness to their engagement session. These settings allowed us to explore and capture moments that were truly reflective of their relationship.

The Beauty of 35mm Film

Part of what made this engagement session so special was the opportunity to capture several photos on 35mm film. The warmth and timeless quality of film photography added a beautiful, vintage touch to their collection of images. I was thrilled with how these film shots turned out, adding depth and a sense of nostalgia to their engagement story.

Historic Rowan Oak

As the day progressed, we found ourselves at Rowan Oak, the historic home of William Faulkner. The serene beauty and historical essence of Rowan Oak provided a stunning backdrop for Kyle and Aubrey’s photos. The tranquility of the location paired with a gorgeous sunset made for some of the day’s most memorable shots.

Looking Forward to September

Working with Kyle and Aubrey was an incredible experience. Their love for each other shines brightly, making every moment of their engagement session a delight. As their wedding day at Bridlewood of Madison approaches, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. Based on the joy and love captured during their engagement session, I know their wedding day will be nothing short of spectacular.

Awaiting A Perfect Fall Wedding

Kyle and Aubrey’s engagement session in Oxford was a beautiful prelude to what I am sure will be a breathtaking wedding day at Bridlewood of Madison. As a Mississippi wedding photographer, I am honored to have the opportunity to document these significant moments in their lives.

For couples looking for a Mississippi wedding photographer, whether in the vibrant town of Oxford, the elegant Bridlewood of Madison, or anywhere love takes you in our beautiful state, I’d be thrilled to capture your story. Let’s create timeless memories together that reflect the beauty of your love and the essence of Mississippi. Reach out, and let’s start planning the photography experience for your dream wedding.

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And here are some of the dreamiest film scans….