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A Madison, Mississippi Engagement Session

February 6, 2024


A Madison Mississippi Engagement Session | Mississippi Wedding Photographer

As a Mississippi wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless special moments, but some sessions stand out more than others. Recently, I had the joy of photographing an engagement session that turned into a proposal for Lauren & Clay! As the sun set over Madison, Mississippi, Clay asked Lauren to spend forever with him! I had the privilege of documenting this perfect moment. And I’m so thankful I’ll also have the privilege to photograph their wedding day at Bridlewood of Madison in June!

A Proposal at Reunion in Madison, Mississippi

The sun set at Reunion Golf & Country Club was the perfect setting for Clay and Lauren’s proposal. I knew I would be spending the afternoon in Madison with Clay & Lauren–I actually didn’t know I would be capturing the moment of their proposal! I was so thankful to be there. I’m beyond excited for Clay & Lauren! They are the sweetest couple & have been together for 8 years! They are also so photogenic, which made my job as their photographer easy & fun!

Bridlewood of Madison: The Perfect Venue for Their Upcoming Wedding

Following their unforgettable engagement session, Clay and Lauren are set to get married at Bridlewood of Madison in June 2024! Bridlewood of Madison is a stunning wedding & elegant wedding venue that offers a picturesque setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Its beauty makes it easy to document wedding days for my amazing couples! It’s one of my favorite venues to in Mississippi. As I look forward to capturing Clay and Lauren’s wedding day, I’m excited to return to Bridlewood and work its scenic views into their wedding photographs!

Getting to Know Clay and Lauren

One of the highlights of being a Mississippi wedding photographer is getting to know the couples I work with. Clay and Lauren’s engagement session was not only fun but also an opportunity to learn about their journey together. Their chemistry and love for each other were evident in every photo, which makes sense considering they have been together for so long! It’s always fun to work with couples who have been dating for years because everything is always so natural between them. I also loved getting to chat with Lauren about our shared degrees in dyslexia therapy! Clay & Lauren are both educators, which I love, since I have a background as a teacher! Learning about my couples always makes me more excited for their wedding day!

Looking Forward to the Big Day

As we look forward to Clay and Lauren’s wedding day in June 2024, I am thrilled to continue being a part of their love story. Documenting their journey from the surprise proposal in Madison to their upcoming wedding day at Bridlewood of Madison is a privilege. The engagement session was a perfect start to what I know will be an incredible wedding day filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments!

In conclusion, Clay and Lauren’s engagement session in Madison, Mississippi, was a reminder of why I love being a wedding photographer! It’s about more than just taking photos; it’s about capturing life-changing moments and telling love stories that will be cherished for generations! As we count down to their wedding day at Bridlewood of Madison, I’m filled with anticipation and excitement to capture yet another chapter in their beautiful story!

Remember, whether you’re planning a surprise proposal, engagement session, or searching for the perfect wedding venue like Bridlewood of Madison, capturing these moments with care and love is what makes them unforgettable. If you’re in Mississippi and looking for a photographer to document your love story, I’d be honored to be a part of your journey. Let’s create timeless memories together that you’ll treasure forever. Reach out here: The Shelby Mullins Wedding Experience