JACKSON, Mississippi Wedding & Senior photographer

Clinton Mississippi Engagement Session

August 29, 2022


Hamp & Kaylyn’s Clinton Mississippi Engagements

I absolutely loved getting to capture Hamp & Kaylyn’s Clinton Mississippi engagement session! It was actually quite a whirlwind to plan! Summer in Mississippi is so unpredictable, and we had been experiencing on & off rain (torrential downpour kind of rain) all weekend. Because this couple had traveled out of town from Cleveland, Mississippi for the session, I knew I did not want to reschedule! So our solution was to shoot their engagement session at sunrise.

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous for this because this was my very first sunrise session to shoot! And also felt a little bad to have Hamp & Kaylyn meet me so early! But y’all…it was absolutely worth it! If you’re from Mississippi you know…the summers are HOT. Like….oppressively hot. Getting to shoot in the morning was so amazing because it was actually so pleasant & cool outside. And the lighting really was a dream! So to all my Mississippi couples…sunrise sessions might just be the way to go!! The proof is in how gorgeous their engagement session turned out!!

Celebrating in Cleveland

I absolutely can not wait to celebrate this couple’s Cleveland, Mississippi wedding in October! Hamp & Kaylyn really are perfect for each other, & that was so evident as I got to work with them during this session! Cleveland is where these two met & got to start their relationship, so I know it’s going to be such a great place to celebrate their wedding day! The ceremony will be held at a gorgeous Catholic church, & will be followed by a reception at the Cleveland Country Club! I have a feeling it’s going to be SO much fun!!

I am also looking forward to Kaylyn’s bridal portraits scheduled for this month & I am beyond excited to get to capture them as well! Here’s to hoping that October 29th comes fast!! Can’t wait to celebrate the Williamsons!

Making Engagement Sessions Your Own

Hamp works as a lineman, so Kaylyn wanted to end the session with some portraits of the two of them by power lines! I was happy to make this work for them & loved this personal touch to their engagement session! Just a sweet reminder that these photos should be a reflection of you!!